SLC Team

Speech, Language and Communication Assistance is provided within the classroom weekly, and training events provided by the Speech, Language and Communication Therapist twice a year to all teachers and support staff.


The school has a professional Speech, Language and Communication (SLC) Therapist together with an assistant, and they work directly with children and also work alongside the educational and care teams.  As members of the staff team within Trinity School and College they are effectively part of the provision, rather than offering packages of care through half termly attendance.

The SLC Therapist works closely with the School SENCo, teachers, external agencies and other professional therapists, and most importantly, parents and carers in completing assessments on learners.  This information together with observations of the learner within class ensures that the intervention is of the highest quality and responsive to the needs of the learner.

The SLC Team offer:

  • Training on Speech, Language and Communication within the classroom together with training for the delivery of whole School for the Core Skills Literacy Programme and the Social Use of Language Programme.

  • One to One SLC therapy within the School Therapy Room and where appropriate small group intervention.

  • Supported Social Use of Language Practical Activities within the community

  • Training and support for parents and carers through home based activities and a strategy which ensuring that good practice continues outside of school in the development of speech, language and communication.  Telephone consultations with parents and carers when required.

  • Liaison with the school SENCo and supporting multi-disciplinary working

As learners reach their speech, language and communicative potential (in line with their typically developmental peers), then the team with report to the Annual Review or Transitional Review process, liaise with parents and carers and complete reports of the impact of their intervention.  However, all learners within Trinity School and College will continue to receive Social Use of Language Programme which supports the development of key and wider key skills for life.