Congratulations - 2020/2021 Results


Trinity School and College opened their doors to students and staff to come and celebrate their end of year results. 14 students in Year 11 shared a range of GCSE’s between Grade 2 and 6 across English, Mathematics, Art, Catering and Hospitality and Information Technology. Whilst some students joined Trinity late in Key Stage 4, many are working towards their GCSEs and will continue on this journey within Trinity College next year. But a further sixty Entry Level qualifications have been achieved by the cohort within Science, French, Design Technology and Employability. Within Personal and Social Development all students gained an award through ASDAN. Mrs Georgina Moorcroft was quoted as saying – “After the most challenging period in education that she had ever known, she is proud of the achievements of her students against the odds”’.

Students are able to take examinations early within Trinity, should they be ready for the examination process, and this has resulted in the recently opened Academy Class within Trinity which is focused on the achievement of up to ten GCSE’s across the curriculum. This class has already achieved 24 GCSE qualifications this year and Trinity is excited at the prospect of higher than ever GCSE results in 2021/22.

Elizabeth Baines, the Executive Principal was proud to explain that the achievements of the students is theirs to celebrate. The requirement to self-motivate, engage and attend on the virtual learning platform, to overcome their own personal, academic and mental challenges and still achieve, is a testament to their resilience and determination. Students who have been supported by the wonderful team of parents we have within the school.

The college, by comparison, have achieved a range of Level 2 vocational learning programmes and A level equivalent at Level 3. With seventy-seven students now attending the outstanding Trinity College, gaining an average of more than eight GCSE’s and GCSE equivalents, building on their previous Entry Level Qualifications gained in Year 11.

All students who are leaving Trinity are going on to mainstream educational environments, further training or employment. Thomas Furnell, Head of College stated “this is the most important outcome for any young person, is to be ready for their next stage and we pride ourselves on preparing our young people holistically towards this, their greatest achievement’.

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