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Trinity School and College has for the fourth year running achieved the Bullying Intervention Group Award for excellence in their processes to develop an anti-bullying culture within Trinity.  The award requires Trinity to work in collaboration with students and parents to develop the Anti Bullying Policies to ensure that all students have a voice within the provision.

A team of parents, teachers, teaching assistants and administrative managers together with students worked together in a forum to ensure that the school continues to meet the requirements of the award.

The successful application means that Trinity is one of the only schools to have achieved this award for four consecutive years.  The Bullying Intervention Group Director, Val McFarlane provided the following quote:

“Trinity School and College has an inclusive and caring ethos.  This has been created through a wide range of anti-bullying strategies which include a buddy scheme, helping new starters to feel welcome and supported.

Staff training on bullying and friendship issues takes place at least three times per year which is more than most schools and organisations.   The pupils are consulted regularly to help inform the school’s good practice.   The head teacher, Elizabeth Baines, has always been very keen to ensure that her pupils are able to learn and interact without fear of bullying and with dignity.  Trinity School and College pupils have a range of different needs, and these are met with care and consideration by both pupils and staff.  Their anti-bullying policy reflects all of their hard work.  I am so delighted that Trinity has now achieved the BIG Award for Excellence in Challenging Bullying for the 4th year running”.

Parents, staff and students have celebrated the achievement and are now awaiting their official plaque which will recognise the commitment to the emotional wellbeing of all learners at Trinity.

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