OT Team

Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants employed at Trinity School and College are part of the education team.


Occupational Therapists (OTs) assist in addressing the needs of students who have difficulty with skills required to access the school environment, helping them overcome barriers and  realise their true potential, a few  examples being:

  • Gross Motor skills: e.g., coordination, seating, PE, dance

  • Fine Motor skills: e.g., scissors and pencils skills

  • Independence skills: e.g., shopping, cooking, dressing

  • Sensory Processing Difficulties

The assistant works under the supervision of the occupational therapist and supports students in practicing the skills from the Occupational Therapy programmes; academic and non-academic outcomes including social skills, gross and fine motor skills, self-help, key and wider key skills for life, participation in sports and movement, vocational studies and inclusion for all learners, and recently have supported young learners with amazing feats of sporting achievement within cycling, rowing and running.

The team works in collaboration with the school, external agencies, parents and carers to ensure a provision which impacts positively on a learner’s access to education, the environment, engagement, progression and attainment in school or college. The Occupational Therapists and Assistant participate within the multi-disciplinary staff team and within the day to day school activities, working closely with the Class Teachers, Support Assistants, emotional well-being and Speech and Language Therapists.

The Occupational Therapist Team

The Occupational Therapy Team facilitate student access to the educational environment, curricular and extracurricular activities through adaptation, working in the classroom, 1:1 sessions, or in a small group as appropriate.

  • Carry out standardised and non-standardised assessments;

  • analyse and form a treatment plan observe students engaging in activities of daily living and provide strategies to facilitate the student’s full participation in the educational environment;

  • liaise with the SENCo, students and parents to meet the requirements of the Statement Objectives/Education Health and Care Plan outcomes;

  • reduce barriers to inclusion within the practical aspects of learning within the school environment;

  • advise on the use assistive technology and equipment to support student success;

  • liaise with staff on the use of relevant activities/programs to be implemented in the classroom, including the Get it Write Programme;

  • clever fingers and sensory circuits assist students in preparing for successful transition into appropriate mainstream and/or further, higher education opportunities;

  • employment or training;

The Occupational therapy team collaborate with the education team to address student needs to improve the learners performance in more than their academic, social and life performance. The team helps to promote healthy school which are conducive to learning and particularly support the Get it Write Programme, advise on adaptations, design of classroom environments and resources to promote full inclusion for all learners.