Links with home

We enjoy good communication links with parents and carers through the learner’s own planner.


These books provide parents with a daily account of the school activities and how their child has coped in the learning environment.

Whenever necessary, the school supports further communication via email and text, together with regular telephone calls with parents and carers to support the transition from home to school.  When learners are struggling due to anxiety, Trinity provides parents with support and in extreme cases, the school works with learners in the home to re-integrate into school following any personal incident which may have disrupted previous high levels of attendance.

Trinity is committed to working closely with parents about their child’s education. Research tells us that a child’s classroom performance and academic achievements are significantly influenced by the extent to which its parents become involved in school life, and the interest they take in their child’s education. Students respond very well to parents participating in their schooling and we have Citizenship Days, Fayres, Open Days, Activities and Events which encourage parental involvement. Parental engagement impacts positively on the motivation of students to achieve.

There is also a ‘Friends of Trinity Rochester’ Facebook account for current parents to support each other, emails from the school ensuring instant communication with home, the planner for daily updates on homework set and achievements in class.

“Mrs Baines and her staff are like an extended family… the other students are always accepting, supportive and kind. Myself and my family attend all the events that Trinity put on throughout the year and these always give the students wonderful opportunities to shine. (My son) always enjoys being part of them.” Parent 2017