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Activities, Events and Learning Outside the Classroom

We offer our students an impressive range of activities, events and opportunities.

Out of school visits are to be seen as an extension of the classroom having educational value reinforcing or exemplifying particular aspects of teaching programmes and/ or an opportunity to promote the social or personal development of those involved.

Recent visits have included overnight residential trips to an adventure centre where students learn about team work and problem solving. There has been a group visit to Amsterdam, as well as a trip to Poland for four days to understand more about the holocaust and important lessons around discrimination and hate crime.

Other events take place closer to home and one such annual highlight is the Christmas Fair for parents, grandparents and friends which is organised and run by the students themselves, raising money for both charitable causes and to fund future events.

As part of the Fair, the students also plan, host and cook a full, sit-down Christmas Dinner for parents and invited guests – feeding 100 people is no mean feat and the reviews are always fabulous!

“Our mission is to encourage our learners to gain confidence and self-esteem for life through experiencing learning within the community beyond of the classroom, whatever their personal, social or academic challenge”. Staff handbook.