Emotional Wellbeing Team


The Emotional Wellbeing Team works closely with the educational team and in collaboration with the Speech, Language and Communication Therapist and Occupational Therapists to enable a holistic approach to supporting the learner when in school or college.

The Emotional Wellbeing Team has a pivotal role in providing pastoral support to all learners and are key members of the Safeguarding Teams and this is recognised through the range of awards and recognition that Trinity has achieved since 2014.

Their role provides:

  • Support and guidance to students by embracing the Every Child Matters Outcomes

  • Strategies for students helping them to remove barriers to inclusion, engagement, learning and achievement and enhances the personalised learning provision within Trinity

  • A link between external agencies, parents and students to give a holistic view and support of the learner.

  • Supporting the Personal Wellbeing Programmes of work within Personal and Social Development learning sessions

  • A view of the learner from their perspective.

Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring

The counselling, coaching and mentoring provision within Trinity School and College is provided within the Emotional Wellbeing Provision and offers guidance, information and advice to support student’s achievement and engagement. Key activities and interventions include:

  • Anger Management

  • Confidence Building

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • In Class Emotional Wellbeing Support

  • Lego Therapy

  • Personal, Social and Academic Target Setting within Coaching

  • Self Management Skills

  • Self Awareness

  • Coping strategies

  • Person centred approach for holistic outcomes

  • Friendship and relationship support

  • Social Use of Language Support

  • Study Skills

  • Transitional Support

  • Wellbeing Drop in Centre

  • Workshops to educate and inform

The Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners play an important role in developing activities to engage students, both in and outside of the classroom, that help to enrich the  positive learning experience and their ability to engage and embrace willingly and enthusiastically with assessment and achievement.