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Welfare Support Assistant

March 19, 2020
Welfare Support Assistant

Trinity School and College

Start Date: 20th April 2020
Term Time /part time Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 1.00pm: £5,400 per annum

Specialist Teaching Assistant

Job Description

 Line Management:                Head of Education (KS1,2,3,4)

Responsible to:                      Head of School




  • To ensure the safety, general welfare and conduct of pupils during the school breaks and in the classroom.


 Support for learners

To supervise pupils in designated areas of the school during the breaks and to

ensure their safety, welfare and general conduct through appropriate application of the

school’s policies and procedures.

  1. To establish safe and appropriate behaviour by effective intervention or referral to senior staff.
  2. To maintain good order in all designated areas.
  3. To set up play equipment in the designated areas and to encourage suitable interaction between the learners taking their special education needs into account.
  4. To take any immediate action to attend to sickness or accidents by carrying out minor first aid and summoning relevant assistance.
  5. To ensure all safeguarding procedures are followed and the all the learners are kept safe at all times.
  6. To report any unauthorised visitors on school premises.
  7. To complete any documentation required by the school in relation to incidents occurring during the breaks and to feedback at meetings, if required.
  8. To support colleagues in classrooms as required.
  9. To establish a constructive relationship with the learners and interact with them according to individual needs;
  10. To promote the inclusion and acceptance of all learners;
  11. To set challenging and demanding expectations and promote self-esteem and independence;
  12. To provide the necessary pastoral care to enable learners to feel secure and happy;


Knowledge and Skills

  1. No formal qualifications or previous experience is required but the ability to establish positive expectations of pupil behaviour, good relationships with staff and learners, and a sensitivity to learner’s individual needs are very important.
  2. Experience with learners who suffer from high levels of anxiety would be an advantage.
  3. The postholder will be expected to work with limited supervision to an established work pattern. There will be support available from designated member(s) of staff. Regular meetings will be arranged for briefing and/or feedback on relevant school or individual pupil matters.
  4. There is a high level of interaction with individual and groups of pupils.
  5. To work as a co-operative member of a team of supervisory assistants, liaising as necessary with other school staff.


 Support for teachers

  1. Monitor learner’s responses to learning activities and accurately record achievement as directed;
  2. Provide detailed and regular feedback about the learners to the teacher;
  3. Promote good behaviour, dealing promptly with conflicts and incidents in line with established policy, and encourage learners to take responsibility for their own behaviour;
  4. Support class teachers in photocopying and other tasks in order to support teaching


Support for the Curriculum

Undertake structured and agreed learning activities/teaching programmes, adjusting activities according to learner responses;

  1. Undertake intervention programmes linked to the learners agreed intervention schedule, recording achievement and progress, and feeding back to the teacher;
  2. Assist with the preparation and maintenance of equipment/resources required to meet lesson plans/relevant learning activities to support the delivery of an enriched curriculum.


Support for the school

  1. Be aware of and comply with the procedures relating to safeguarding, learner protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality and data protection, reporting all concerns to an appropriate person;
  2. Be aware of and support difference and ensure all learners have equal access to opportunities to learn and develop;
  3. Contribute to the overall ethos/work/aims of the school;
  4. Appreciate and support the roles of other professionals;
  5. Attend and participate in relevant meetings as required;
  6. Where appropriate develop a relationship to foster links between home and school;

liaise, advise and consult with other members of the team supporting the learner as appropriate;

  1. Contribute to reviews of learner’s progress as appropriate,
  2. Prepare and present displays of learner’s work as required;


The job holder is required to undertake other duties from time to time as required by the Headteacher.

Standards and quality assurance

  1. Support the aims and ethos of the School and College;
  2. Set a good example in terms of dress, punctuality and attendance;
  3. Uphold the School and College behaviour code and uniform regulations;
  4. Participate in and provide staff training within areas of responsibility and experience.


Arrangements for appraisal of performance

The role of the Specialist Teaching Assistant will be monitored through the schools performance management programme by the Head of Inclusion and Therapeutic Services.


To engage with the formal process of supervision within the school in which the workload and performance of the Specialist Teaching Assistant is constructively analysed and reviewed each term.

Equality and Diversity

Be aware of and support difference and ensure that the schools equalities and diversity policies are followed.


Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to Safeguarding, Child Protection; Health and Safety; Confidentiality; and Data Protection and report all concerns to the Headteacher, the Head of Inclusion and Therapeutic Services or Head of School Business and Safeguarding.

The jobholder is required to contribute to and support the overall aims and ethos of the college.  All staff are required to participate in training and other learning activities, and in performance management, supervision and development as required by the colleges policies, practices and development plan.


Person Specification – Welfare Support Assistant

               E – Essential           D – Desirable

Experience and Qualifications

  • E Supervising children with Special Educational Needs e.g. as a parent or carer
  • D    Experience of working with children aged 6-16 in a work setting

Knowledge and Understanding

  • E An understanding of how to manage the behaviour of groups of children
  • E     An understanding of the need to respect confidentiality at all times
  • D An understanding of the developmental and social interaction needs of children who have a diagnosis of ASD, Dyslexia, Anxiety and other Special Educational Needs.
  • D An understanding of Health and Safety in an educational setting


  • E     To be able to initiate age/need appropriate activities
  • E     The ability to work as a member of the school team relating to colleagues.
  • E     The ability to relate to all pupils in a positive and supportive manner valuing and showing respect for their individual needs
  • E     The ability to instill discipline in a calm manner in line with the schools’ behaviour policy and ethos
  • E     The ability to use initiative and to ensure the health, safety and well being of children and colleagues
  • E     Good time management skills
  • E     The ability to communicate clearly.
  • E     The ability to lead by example


  • E      A willingness to undertake professional development


  • E     Calm, creative, supportive, consistent, patient and tolerant 



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