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CV-19 contingency

During the current situation with COVID19 Trinity School and College Policies and Procedures remain fully active for all stakeholders.  Trinity School and College will follow all government guidance regarding social distancing and maintaining a safe environment for all stakeholders and therefore, if policy and procedures require meetings, they will be arranged via other means and not face to face.  This will include but not limited to, telephone conversations, google hangout meetings and conference calls.


Thank you for the amazing support you have given to Trinity over the past couple of weeks.

Information for parents/carers:

CV-19 Contingency – New arrangements from Monday 1st June

During the current situation with COVID19 Trinity School and College Policies and Procedures remain fully active for all stakeholders.  Trinity School and College will follow all Government guidance regarding social distancing and maintaining a safe environment for all stakeholders.

According to Government guidance, schools are expected to open prioritising places as well as ensuring that the social distancing, health, safety and hygiene is accounted for.

A questionnaire was sent to parents asking them to indicate whether they wanted their child to return to school/college on 1st June.

Information for Parents/Carers:

The choices that families make to either send their child to school or not will be supported by Trinity and there will be no adverse decisions made regarding your child’s placement to Trinity in the future.  Parents who do not take the opportunity will not be penalised for taking up the offer of in-school learning at a later date.  For all students who do not return the virtual learning platform (or paper copies of the work) will continue to be provided and monitored by Trinity staff, giving families and young people choice.

Pick-up/Drop-off arrangements Monday to Thursday

Arrival times are set as follows:

  • KS4 (Year 10) to be dropped off at 8.30am
  • KS3 (Year 7 – 9) to be dropped off at 8.45am
  • KS2 (Year 3 – 6) to be dropped off at 9am
  • College students to be dropped off 8.45am – 9am

Pick-up times are set as follows:

  • KS4 to be collected at 2.15pm
  • KS3 to be collected at 2.30pm
  • KS2 to be collected at 2.45pm
  • College students to be collected 2.30pm – 2.45pm.

School students arriving by taxis will be dropped off in front of No 13 and collected from the back of No 9.  Parents dropping off school students in the morning should bring them to the front of No 13 and collect them from the back of No 9.

College students will be dropped off and picked up from the College.

There will be no students in School or College on a Friday.  A virtual learning timetable will be in place for Fridays for everybody.

Food/Drink Arrangements

All food for lunch and break is to be sent in a hard plastic box that can be easily cleaned.  All the wrappings from lunch will be placed back in the lunch box and returned home for disposal.  Food must not be shared between students.  Filled drink containers should be brought in daily as there will be no water fountains in use at School/College.

Items needed for School/College

To avoid sharing stationery items please provide your child with their own pencil, pen, colouring pencils, rubber and ruler in a pencil case for their own use.  They will be told they cannot share with anyone.


The virtual learning timetable will remain the same for those learning at home.  There will still be support from Trinity staff on a daily basis to these students.  Virtual learning will also be undertaken in classrooms, however, there will be the addition of some activities away from the lap-top maintaining social distancing.  For those remaining at home and unable to access the virtual learning paper copies of the work will still be provided.

Break/Lunch Times

These will remain the same for those continuing with virtual learning at home.  For those returning to School/College, break and lunch times will be staggered in small cluster groups and students will not be all together for break and lunch times as they did before.  This is to maintain social distancing.

Visitors to School/College

There will be no visitors or parents allowed on site to minimise the risk of the virus being brought in by individuals.

Emotional Wellbeing

Access to emotional wellbeing will continue as it has been given during the lockdown via chat on the laptops and via telephone calls.

Speech and Language

May be able to continue with group work keeping social distancing rules but 1-2-1 sessions may not be possible due to staff availability.  Occupational Therapy sessions will not be able to take place due to the nature of the sessions and the social distancing needed.



Do I send my child to School/College if a member of the household has any Coronavirus symptoms?

No.  We need to keep Trinity safe for both the students and staff.

What if my child is unwell but does not have Coronavirus symptoms?

If your child is ill with any condition, however mild, please keep them at home.  A sickness bug or similar could lead to the school closing due to staffing levels not being able to be maintained.

What happens if a child shows Coronavirus symptoms at School/College?

They will be taken to one of the isolation areas allocated with a member of staff with PPE.  The parent/carer must be able to collect them within an hour.

What if I change my mind and no longer want my child to attend School/College?

Please inform Mrs Moorcroft for the school and Mr Furnell for the College immediately so your child’s place can be allocated to another.

What do I do if I want my child to return to School/College but have not informed you?

Please do not send them to Trinity without contacting Mrs Moorcroft or Mr Furnell (details above) first as places are limited to maintain safe social distancing classrooms.

What happens if the staffing level drops so there will not be enough teaching staff to safely look after students?

Trinity will advise you if the school and/or college need to temporarily close and you will need to keep your child at home to do virtual learning until informed otherwise.

Thank you for the amazing support and all the efforts you have made to work with us through this difficult time.  We do appreciate that this is an anxious time for parents and students to please communicate any problems that you may be having and we can try to support you through this transition.


So to remind you, the manned mobile numbers are



and emails are

No task too big or small, just get in touch. You are not alone.

Support for students – Remote Education:

To access the Remote Education package, please log in to Gmail using your student email address (initial then surname followed by your password). Once logged in, please click on the 9 dots in the top right and select ‘Google classroom’. From here you can enter the correct class for that time.

If you experience any issues relating to login, please contact:

Information for external visitors:

We are following government advice in order to keep our community safe and as such we are unable to offer visits or tours of the School and College at the present time. Please email Mrs Clark at  in order to keep up to date with regards to future tours and visits.


Safeguarding Policy Addendum:

Safeguarding Policy Addendum


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