Preparation for the Real World

Careers and Experiencing Work

Trinity School and College provide a Careers, Employability and Work Experience Curriculum which is taught to learners from Year 10 onwards. The course provides access to online programmes which provide independent careers guidance and advice on a range of careers. This runs parallel to the provision of further independent and impartial careers guidance for young people [Education Act 2011] provided by Medway Youth Trust.

Work experience is organised from Year 11 (for those learners who are ready for this opportunity) in collaboration with parents for out of school opportunities, and within school, all learners have opportunities to learn about a range of administrative, teaching and learning, land based and garden, construction and maintenance projects and careers.

The Careers & Experiencing Work Short Course Curriculum covers seven modules of study which are titled:

  • Self-Development
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Management
  • Considering Higher Education
  • Considering Apprenticeships
  • Preparing for the Workplace
  • Being at Work

The flexibility of ASDAN’s Short Courses means they can be carried out in a variety of settings, over a time period to suit the individual or co-ordinating centre. Challenge descriptions can be interpreted and adapted according to the situation.
Students all work towards their Employability and Occupational Studies qualifications from Year 10 at ELC, Level 1 and Level 2 according to their own personal progressive pathways.

See our Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance (CEIAG) Policy