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Pastoral Care

“At Trinity, I feel that I belong”

The school has a Head of Inclusion and Therapeutic Services, Rebecca Kennedy who works alongside the Head of School Curriculum, Examinations and Welfare to ensure that the welfare and pastoral needs of all learners within the Primary and Secondary Phase of the School are met.  Access to Emotional Wellbeing is managed through the school provision mapping ensuring that all learners have access to support as required.

With ongoing collaboration between therapies, emotional wellbeing and educational team out of school and community projects which meet the intellectual and life skills needs of every learner,  are planned and coordinated. This dedication to removing barriers to inclusion ensures that learners having increasing access to the larger community as well as gain the maximum benefit from everything that the school and college has to offer.

The Pastoral Care Provision within Trinity School and College supports young people when making choices for Year 9, Year 11 and within Transitional Periods within education.

The school has a Curriculum for Life educational programme which is monitored by the Head of Education and the Executive Headteacher. This programme of work enables the school to focus on the holistic approach to developing independent young adults who have emotional resilience for their future education, training, employment and life.

The Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Provision

Trinity is committed to providing our learners with an Emotional Wellbeing provision which is underpinned by the Every Child Matters outcomes of ‘being healthy’ and ‘enjoying and achieving’. In fact, Trinity promotes a positive attitude towards the mental health of all who work and learn at Trinity.

Trinity believes that learners:

  • learn better and are happier in school if their emotional needs are also met.
  • are empowered by the provision of emotional wellbeing supporting their developing skills in positive decision making and emotional resilience.
  • improve their receptive and expressive language through the service.

Bullying Intervention Group

Please see our Anti-Bullying policy and our Child-friendly Anti-Bullying policy for more information.

Trinity School and College is a member of the Bullying Intervention Group, and has achieved the BIG Award.  Many congratulations to staff and pupils on gaining what is described as ‘the first national award for outstanding anti-bullying practice.’

Trinity School and College held its first Bullying Intervention Group Forum on Thursday 29th November 2013 and have continued to work collaborative to achieve the BIG Award annually.

The school has established two email accounts to enable students to communicate any concerns to staff. These emails are monitored by the Safeguarding Team.

The emails for all students are:



The Group worked in teams to create an ideal person specification for a School Buddy and an application form for pupils to apply to undertake the role, and to design posters for the school to highlight the work of the group in supporting an Anti Bullying School.

The School has installed two post boxes for bullying concerns, together with a class box for the younger pupils.

Trinity also works with the Medway Safeguarding Team which promotes collaborative working to ensure the safeguarding of all our children. Click here to view the comprehensive schedule of policies and procedures with which we comply.

BullygUKlogo Bullying UK offers support and advice.

Anti-Bullying week presentation