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Admissions Criteria and Procedure

Trinity School and College is able to accommodate a variety of needs and provisions, and is appropriate for both learner with SEN statements or EHC Plans, and non-statemented children, privately or Local Authority funded, with each application being considered individually.  Children for whom, until now, school has represented failure, who lack confidence and self-esteem, or who have experienced bullying, often feel that at Trinity they belong to a community that understands and welcomes them.

The school does not cater for learner with primary behavioural issues where their behaviour or attitude might disrupt the education or welfare of others at the school.

After an initial interview with the parents or carers, at which their child’s needs can be discussed, then after this Trinity may request a further meeting with parents or carers with the prospective pupil. All pupils are invited for two Taster Days following a successful meeting.  This allows them to sample a typical day and helps the school gain an insight into their specific strengths and needs.

The school will look at each child on an individual basis and, following their Taster Days, will offer entry on condition that a suitable place is available for the child’s learning ability, age and emotional needs.  Information from existing relevant and up-to-date assessments by recognised specialists such as Educational Psychologists, Paediatricians and Speech & Language therapists may also be used to make an informed decision.

Variable fees may apply, depending on the pupil’s unique needs.
Full details of Fees, Special Provisions and all about our Uniform are available in the Information Book and the School’s Terms & Conditions are available in our Welcome Pack. Want to know about our which you are able to request from Trinity on office@trinityschoolrochester.co.uk.

Email us on : office@trinityschoolrochester.co.uk on any further queries or to make that all important meeting.