About us

Our Ethos and Approach to Learning

At Trinity School and College, we believe that within each learner there is the potential to learn, to gain essential skills and knowledge, and to find relevance in their education.

Using a holistic approach to learning, we combine tried and tested educational methods with a programme of life skills specifically designed to meet the needs of learners with language difficulties.  This positive, multi-sensory and practical method, in conjunction with small class sizes and a calm, supportive environment, enables us to help our learners attain ‘confidence to learn – for life!’

Learn more about us from our comprehensive Information Book.

Our new Trinity College supports young peoples continued progression providing a pathway to success with the continued access to the specialist teaching and support systems established within the school. See Trinity College and Trinity Gateway.

“I loved my years at Trinity. It helped me build my confidence and made me feel happy, and believe I could do many things.”

Former student

Children and Young People need to have ways of expressing their intelligence, individuality and to be accepted within the school community.

They also need goals to aim for, and a purpose in life to pursue.

Specific educational, social, emotional and communication difficulties can all contribution to discouraging children and young people, and lead them to emphasis challenges, rather than focusing on their many inherent skills.

We see within each child and young person the potential to learn, develop and achieve.

Founded on Christian principles, Trinity welcome children of all faiths as we promote a fully inclusive approach within our educational provision as one of our students told a recent inspector, “At Trinity, I feel I belong”.

With specialist teaching and a caring environment, Trinity helps children and young people to take responsibility for their education, develop essential skills and acquire confidence to learn on a pathway to success.

“It is wonderful how all the children look out for each other and all the staff and children know each other. You should be so proud of the community feel this school has.”

Trainee Teacher